Social Network


What comes with each board?

  • Each color board is 11″ x 17″ on card stock with Pantone TCX references:
  • Inspiration pictures along with theme description
  • Detachable skein card that is individually color matched to each Pantone
  • Separate 9ft skeins of each color way on a ring
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Social Network…*sips tea*

A group of like-minded creatives gather weekly to discuss their latest discoveries in fashion. Grabbing inspiration from decades prior, warm orange and gold hues tell a story unlike any other modern-day tale. With hopes to achieve a color scheme worthy of a professional, the decision to incorporate grey and tints of brown is added to the collection. As quickly as they came together, they quickly disperse eager to share the insights spoken in today’s Social Network.

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Single Palette, Yearly Palette – 12 palettes