Color Harmony


What comes with each board?

  • Each color board is 11″ x 17″ on card stock with Pantone TCX references:
  • Inspiration pictures along with theme description
  • Detachable skein card that is individually color matched to each Pantone
  • Separate 9ft skeins of each color way on a ring
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Color Harmony … Hues that Speak the Same Language.

It’s the season for dancing past sunsets so why not do it in colors that compliment the violet beset sky. Moods of purple richen the forthcoming night with mystery, setting the tone high. As the sun settles into the edge, speckles of light pink and magenta illuminate the city streets. Inching its way into the next day, the midnight blue world twirls into a new note that offers the promise of new day. The chord of gratifying pigments perform the evening wonder of Color Harmony.

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Single Palette, Yearly Palette – 12 palettes