Here at Design Options, we’ve been working on reinventing ourselves to fit into this ever changing world ! We are reinventing our website with a modern and fresh approach. The website will have an online store, where you can buy palettes, skeins, and USBs from the comfort of your home! The key to keeping your inventory fresh, exciting and selling!

With our Monthly Colorblast you will receive updates on Color Trends, especially the ones that are performing at retail, along with special color happenings globally, and other information to keep your product line up to date and Exciting!

To Our Dear Color Lovers – It’s been quite a year but as soon as the vaccinations came out, we saw a glimmer of hope in the horizon! What a test of courage and endurance this has been but we’re coming back stronger and more compassionate than ever. Let this experience bring out the best in us and our beautiful fellow Americans. A new start, a new more colorful life!

Check out our Spring Summer 2021 season!