Here at Design Options, we’ve been working on reinventing ourselves to fit into this ever changing world ! We are reinventing our website with a modern and fresh approach. The website will have an online store, where you can buy palettes, skeins, and USBs from the comfort of your home! The key to keeping your inventory fresh, exciting and selling!

With our Monthly Colorblast you will receive updates on Color Trends, especially the ones that are performing at retail, along with special color happenings globally, and other information to keep your product line up to date and Exciting!


Let us come together during these concerning times!

To Our Dear Friends,

We never saw this one coming! Given the recent context of the COVID-19 outbreak, we hope everyone is taking the appropriate safety measures for you, your family, and your business. From the safety of our homes, we remain committed to you, our clients and partners, as all the Design Options team is working to support you through this difficult time.

Check out our Spring Summer 2021 season!