Fran“I took a peek at the colors and I love them! You are a genius!! – Roberto Hirst (President of Industrial Topaz)

About Fran:  Design Options, headed by Fran Sude, Founder and Creative Director, has been successfully predicting colors that retail in the American marketplace for over 25 years. Being the only Southern California based color and Lifestyle trend forecaster, Design Option’s hub is in the heart of the junior market, a market that drives all of our industries, no matter what the classification of product.

Fran was co-owner of a major print driven sportswear company where she learned the importance of color and what sells in the USA. With this keen sense of color and the ability to create exciting, yet sellable color palettes, Fran has created a following of the “who’s who” in the apparel, cosmetic, home and Industrial Design markets.

Competition: What drives Design Options is its determination to make each account important and by listening to their individual needs. Each purchase is customized! In today’s competitive marketplace, Design Options ability to react quickly to trends has given them that competitive edge. With worldwide distribution, Design Options is bringing California’s unique aesthetic to the world!

Our Clients: Design Options helps clients achieve improved sales, increased profits and greater market penetration by forecasting, with consistent accuracy, tomorrow’s trends today! Color forecasting is a delicate balance of art and intelligence gathering. Careful and thorough analysis goes into every palette of the bi-yearly Color Report. Each edition forecasts L.A.’s hot new color combinations in all segments of apparel, cosmetics and home fashion.

Why Design Options: “A must-have for the design professional” – The company’s products and services have evolved, over the last 2 1/2 decades, expanding into all areas of the design world for professionals. Design Options also sponsors “standing-room only” seminars for those seeking insight into the trends of the future. Design Options now produces multiple publications distributed globally throughout the year.

Global Outreach: With corporate offices in Los Angeles, New York, and a global marketplace presence. Design Options brings its insight from one of the most influential trend-conscious cities in the world- Los Angeles!